Mims' Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease
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Mims' Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease

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Anthony Nash
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1. General Principles 2. Attachment to and Entry of Microorganisms into the Body 3. Events occurring Immediately After the Entry of the Microorganism 4. The Encounter with the Phagocytic Cell and the Microbe's Answers 5. The Spread of Microbes through the Body 6. The Immune Response to infection 7. Microbial Strategies in Relation to the Immune Response 8. Mechanisms of Cell and Tissue Damage 9. Recovery from Infection 10. Failure to Eliminate Microbe 11. Host and microbial factors influencing Susceptibility 12. Vaccines and how they work
Mims' Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease is the landmark book in the field of infectious disease. The new, revised edition of this work provides a comprehensive, up-to-date description of the mechanisms of microbial infection and the pathogenesis of infectious disease. Presented in a clear, accessible style, it deals in an integrated manner with the spectrum of microorganisms, describing the factors common to all infectious diseases. Molecular biology, pathology, and immunology are brought together to explain the mechanisms for spread, immune response, and recovery.

Describes the origin and molecular biology of pandemic influenza, HIV1, and HIV2 as well as the recent work on papillomaviruses, herpesviruses, BSE, and variant CJD
Contains the latest data on tuberculosis, microbial evasion of immune defenses, and the spread of antibiotic resistance genes among bacteria
Provides an update on vaccines, prions, immune evasion, and microbial ligands and receptors
Gives an up-to-date picture of the global burden of infectious diseases

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