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Studying and Designing Technology for Domestic Life

Morgan Kaufmann
Lessons from Home
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Chapter 1: An Introduction to Studying and Designing Technology for Domestic Life

I. Understanding Domestic Life

Chapter 2: Interviews with Remote Participants Chapter 3: "Rainy Days Work Best For Us : Lessons from Home-Based Family Interviews Chapter 4: Wear Nice Socks: Guidance for Researchers Conducting In-Home Studies with Children Chapter 5: The Flexible Realities of using Design Probes: Reflections from a Care Home Context Chapter 6: Using the Business Origami Technique to Understand Complex Ecosystems Such As the Internet Usage of Households Chapter 7: The Financial Tour: Methods for Studying Sensitive Financial Questions

II. Technology Design and Evaluation

Chapter 8: Autobiographical Design in the Home Chapter 9: In-Home Deployments Chapter 10: Field Trials with Multiple Connected Households Chapter 11: Techniques for Studying Actual Usage of Personal Communication Prototypes Chapter 12: Working with Community Groups to Inform the Design of Domestic Technologies Chapter 13: Conflict in Families as an Ethical and Methodological Consideration
Conducting research and technology design for domestic life is by no means easy. Methods commonly used in the field of Human-Computer Interaction in settings like the workplace may not easily translate to the richness and complexity of domestic life. This book documents new ways in which researchers are studying domestic life, as well as designing and evaluating technology in the home. Each chapter is a candid discussion about methods that were successfully used for research studies with a focus on the challenges that the researchers faced and the best practices they learned.

Discover new research methods for exploring family life and evaluating and designing domestic technology.
Learn about the challenges in designing for and studying domestic life from experts in the field.
Read researchers' candid stories about what works and what does not work in practice.
More information available at the companion website:
Autor: Carman Neustaedter, Tejinder Judge
Judge, Tejinder K.Dr. Tejinder K. Judge is a User Experience Researcher at Google Inc, and has organized and led multiple conference workshops on this topic. She is currently researching the design and use of social computing technologies to connect close ties such as family and social circles. Dr. Judge has published over thirty scholarly articles in these research areas.

Neustaedter, Carman
Dr. Carman Neustaedter is an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Dr. Neustaedter specializes in the areas of human-computer interaction, domestic computing, and computer-supported collaboration. He is the director of the Connections Lab and has published a book and over seventy scholarly articles.

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