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Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

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Fidel Toldra
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Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Volume 87 provides updated information on nutrients in foods and how to avoid deficiency, especially the essential nutrients that should be present in the diet to reduce disease risk and optimize health. The book provides the latest advances on the identification and characterization of emerging bioactive compounds with putative health benefits. Chapters in this new release include discussions of the function and application of bioactive peptides from corn gluten meal, Dietary fatty acids and metabolic syndrome, the Microbial ecology of plant-based fermented foods and current knowledge on their impact on human health, and much more.
1. Functions and Applications of Bioactive Peptides From Corn Gluten Meal Guoming Li, Wenying Liu, Yuqing Wang, Fuhuai Jia, Yuchen Wang, Yong Ma, Ruizeng Gu and Jun Lu 2. Dietary Fatty Acids and the Metabolic Syndrome: A Personalized Nutrition Approach Sarah O'Connor and Iwona Rudkowska 3. Microbial Ecology of Fermented Vegetables and Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Current Knowledge on Their Impact on Human Health Laura Lavefve, Daya Marasini and Franck Carbonero 4. Marine Waste Utilization as a Source of Functional and Health Compounds Amin Shavandi, Yakun Hou, Alan Carne, Michelle McConnell and Alaa El-din A. Bekhit 5. Advanced Analysis of Roots and Tubers by Hyperspectral Techniques Wen-Hao Su and Da-Wen Sun 6. Advances in Sheep and Goat Meat Products Research Alfredo Teixeira, Severiano Silva and Sandra Rodrigues 7. Particular Alimentations for Nutrition, Health and Pleasure José Miguel Aguilera, Bum-Keun Kim and Dong June Park 8. Meat as a Pharmakon: An Exploration of the Biosocial Complexities of Meat Consumption Frédéric Leroy

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