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1 The marine environment of north-west Europe; 2 Using this book; 3 Sponges; 4 Hydroids, Sea Anemones, Jellyfish, and Comb Jellies; 5 Flatworms and Ribbon Worms; 6 Annelids; 7 Priapulids,Sipunculans, Echiurans, and Entoprocts; 8 Crustaceans; 9 Mites and Sea Spiders; 10 Molluscs; 11 Bryozoa; 12 Sea Urchins, Starfish, and Sea Cucumbers; 13 Acorn Worms and Sea Squirts; 14 Fish
Hayward and Ryland's Marine Fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe has become a classic in the marine reference literature. The same editors have now prepared a shorter version suitable for individual purchase and field use. Rapid and easy identification of all but the rarest of the marine animals found on the sea shores and shallow sublittoral zones of north-west Europe is made possible by the provision of simple dichotomous keys, individualdescriptions, and high quality line and stipple drawings. The occurrence and distribution is given for each species, and reference provided to the specialist literature which will facilitate more detailed study and coverage of the additional, rare species not covered in the book.

The book is especially suited to student and amateur use, allowing identification of the majority of marine animals. No other guide is available at this level.

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Autor: P. J. Hayward
ISBN-13 :: 9780199549450
ISBN: 0199549451
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Gewicht: 1726g
Seiten: 785
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