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Sexual Subjects

Young People, Sexuality and Education
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L. Allen
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List of Tables Acknowledgments PART 1: INTRODUCTION Locating the Research Conceptual Frameworks Structure of the Book PART 2: RESEARCHING SEXUALITY: METHODOLOGICAL COMPLEXITIES Locating the Researcher Methodological Framework Accessing a Sample for Research on Sexuality Designing the Methods and Analysing the Data Through my 'I': The Researcher/Researched Relationship PART 3: SPERM MEETS EGG? YOUNG PEOPLE'S CONCEPTUALISATIONS OF SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE The Constitution of Sexual Knowledge Within Sexuality Education Programmes Young People's Constitution of Sexual Knowledge What Young People say they know about Sexual Knowledge Sources of Sexual Knowledge The Relationship Between Knowledge and Practice: Young People's Perceptions So What Does This Mean for Sexuality Education? PART 4: SEXUAL SUBJECTS: YOUNG PEOPLE'S SEXUAL SUBJECTIVITIES Recognising the Sexual Self Describing the Sexual Self Discourses and Sexual Subject Positions Discursive Manoeuvres: Performing Sexuality in the Research Context Concluding Comments PART 5: 'LIKE I'M FLOATING SOMEWHERE TEN FEET IN THE AIR': EXPERIENCING THE SEXUAL BODY Bodies of Theory Young Women's Narratives of Sexual Embodiment Young Men's Narratives of Sexual Embodiment Sexual Disembodiment and Dysembodiment Implications of a Continuum of Embodiment for the 'Gap' Equation Conclusion PART 6: DESIRE, PLEASURE, POWER: UNDERSTANDING YOUNG PEOPLE'S SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS The Couple Context: Young People' s (Hetero)sexual Practices Pleasure and Desire in Relationships Negotiating Sexual Activity in Relationships Knowledge 'in' Practice Conclusion PART 7: CONSTITUTING A DISCOURSE OF EROTICS IN SEXUALITY EDUCATION Conceptualising a Discourse of Erotics Findings Which Support the Inclusion of a Discourse of Erotics in Sexuality Education Implications of a Discourse of Erotics for Particular Sectors of the Youth Population A Final Note PART 8: CLOSING THOUGHTS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS Main Research Findings Implications for Sexuality Education Directions for Future Research Appendices Appendix A - Couples Profiles Endnotes References Index
Educating young people about sex and sexuality remains one of the most controversial and political areas of the school curriculum. Drawing on young people's own understandings of their sexual selves, knowledge and practices Sexual Subjects considers the implications for how we conceptualize the effectiveness of sexuality education. Reshaping thinking around youthful (hetero)sexualities Sexual Subjects challenges current approaches to teaching about sex and sexuality.

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