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Narrative Strategies in Television Series

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G. Allrath
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Introduction: Towards a Narratology of TV Series; G.Allrath, M.Gymnich, C.Surkamp PART 1: BEYOND REALISM: AUTHENTIFYING AND SUBJECTIFYING NARRATIVE STRATEGIES 'Today is Going to be the Longest Day of my Life': A Narratological Analysis of 24; E.Birk & H.Birk Exploring Inner Spaces - Authoritative Narratives and Subjective Worlds in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise ; M.Gymnich Animated Cartoons and Other Innovative Forms of Presenting Consciousness on Screen: The German TV Series Berlin, Berlin ; C.Surkamp PART 2: MULTI-LAYERED CHARACTERS, MULTI-LAYERED NARRATIVES 'She's Filled with Secrets': Hidden Worlds, Embedded Narratives, and Character Doubling in Twin Peaks ; J.Matthees 'This is not Happening': The Multi-layered Ontology of The X-Files ; K.Seibel Life in Doppelgangland: Innovative Character Conception and Alternate Worlds in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel ; G.Allrath PART 3: NARRATING GENDER/GENDERING NARRATIVES Serial Gossip: Gossip as Theme and Narrative Strategy in Sex and the City ; E.Fritsch Ellen Dege narrated : Breaking the Heteronormative Narrative Contract; D.Schulz PART 4: (RE)NARRATING HISTORY History and Biography in Die zweite Heimat : Narrative Strategies to Represent the Past; S.Heinen & S.Deines History: The Sitcom, England: The Theme Park - Blackadder 's Retrovisions as Historiographic Meta-TV; E.Voigts-Virchow Index
In the context of a systematic overview of the possibilities of applying narratological concepts to a study of TV series, ten case studies are explored in depth, demonstrating how series such as 24, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Star Trek, Blackadder, and Sex and the City make use of innovative audiovisual means of storytelling. Transgressing the traditional confines of narrative theory, the chapter authors address the question of how form, content, and function intersect in these series.

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