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Using History, Making British Policy

The Treasury and the Foreign Office, 1950-76
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P. Beck
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List of Tables and Boxes Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations PART I: INTRODUCTION: USING HISTORY IN BRITAIN British Policymakers and History Using Official Histories and Public Records to Present Britain's Past to a Global Audience PART II: USING HISTORY IN THE TREASURY The Treasury Becomes 'Very Historically Minded' 1957-1960 Pushing Ahead with 'Funding Experience', 1960-62 The Public Enterprises Division (PE) as a Case Study, 1962-65 The 'New Stage' in the Treasury's Historical Work, 1965-68 Retuning the Treasury's Historical Activities after Fulton, 1968-70 Moving Towards the Closure of the Treasury's Historical Section, 1971-76 Using History in the Treasury PART III: USING HISTORY IN THE FOREIGN OFFICE The Foreign Office's 1962 Abadan History Using Butler's Abadan History to Reappraise British Foreign Policy Using History in the Foreign Office PART IV: CONCLUSION Making British Policy, Using and Ignoring History Appendix: Treasury Historical Memoranda Notes Select Bibliography Index
The extent to which history has been used to inform policy remains a neglected topic. Focusing upon the 1957 Whitehall policy initiative, this book enhances our knowledge of post-1945 Britain, illuminates debates about the nature and the use of history in the contemporary world, most notably the relationship between history and policy.

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