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The Accession of James I

Historical and Cultural Consequences
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G. Burgess
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Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction; G.Burgess , R.Wymer & J.Lawrence 1603: The End of National Sovereignty in England; C.Russell 'Representing the Awefull Authoritie of Soueraigne Maiestie': Monarchs and Mayors in Anthony Munday's The Triumphes of Reunited Britannia ; T.Hill The Jacobean Union Controversy and King Lear ; P.Schwyzer 'Radical Britain: David Hume of Godscroft and the Challenge to the Jacobean British Vision; A.Williamson The Happier Marriage Partner: The Impact of the Union of the Crowns on Scotland; J.Wormald London or the World? The Paradox of Culture in (Post)-Jacobean Scotland; R.Lyall 'Twice Done and then Done Double': Catholic Recusancy and the Duplicitous Hostess in Shakespeare's Macbeth ; M.Baynham The Romans in Britain, 1603-14; J.Kerrigan Rex Pacificus , Robert Cecil, and the 1604 Peace with Spain; P.Croft 1603 and the Discourse of Favouritism; C.Perry The Essex Myth in Jacobean England; M.King The Ancient Constitution and the Expanding Empire: Sir Edward Coke's British Jurisprudence; D.Hulsebosch Index
This book analyzes the consequences of the accession of James I in 1603 for English and British history, politics, literature and culture. Questioning the extent to which 1603 marked a radical break with the past, the book explores the Scottish, Welsh, and wider European and colonial contexts, to this crucial date in history.

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