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Boys and Foreign Language Learning

Real Boys Don't Do Languages
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J. Carr
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Preface Acknowledgements PART I: INTRODUCTION Contextual Frame The Structure of the Book PART II: SETTING THE SCENE Foreign Language Learning: The Learning of Another Language Foreign Language Learning in English Language Countries: A Historically Gendered Area of Study? Boys and Girls Participating in School-based Foreign Language Learning: A Statistical Overview PART III: THE GENDERING OF LANGUAGES EDUCATION Gender and Schooling Debates: Focus on the Boys Theoretical Framing PART IV: BOYS TALKING Background to the Project and Methodology The Study PART V: OTHER BOYS TALKING School A: Beaconsfield College School B: Pensborough College School C: St Barnaby's College Summary PART VI: TEACHERS TALKING Nature or Nuture PART VII: GIRLS TALKING ABOUT BOYS Girls' Talk PART VIII: READING BETWEEN THE LINES Reconnecting the Theory Our Research Questions PART IX: CHANGING THINKING, TRANSFORMING ACTION Navigating New Times in Old Style: The Outer Frame The School Cirriculum and Administration Frame The Teaching and Learning Frame The Inner Boys-languages Frame: Boy-friendly Pedagogy? References Index
The authors examine the continuing poor relationship between boys and the study of foreign languages. Framed by discussion of gender socialization, gendered curriculum practices and cultural narratives about boys and schooling, the core of the book is constructed by boys themselves.

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