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Studies in Modern Childhood

Society, Agency, Culture
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J. Qvortrup
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Acknowledgements List of Figures and Graphs Notes on Contributors Varieties of Childhood; J.Qvortrup Complex Interconnections. The Global and the Local in Children's Minds and Everyday Worlds; H.Hengst Mediatized Childhoods: Discourses, Dilemmas and Directions; K.Drotner Opting into (and out of) Childhood: Young People, Sex, and the Media; D.Buckingham & S.Bragg Is It Time to Rethink Media Panics?; S.Kline The Terror of Hypervigilance: Security and the Compromised Spaces of Contemporary Childhood; C.Katz Childhood and Transgressions; C.Jenks Prisoners of Childhood: Orphans and Economic Dependency; J.Ennew 'In Defence of Childhood': Against the Neo-Liberal Assault on Social Life; M.Lavalette The Wealth of Children: Reconsidering the Child Labour Debate; O.Nieuwenhuys The Priceless Child Revisited; V.Zelizer Work, Welfare and Generational Order: Towards a Political Economy of Childhood; H.Wintersberger Social Justice and the Rights of Children; H.Bojer Collective Action and Agency in Young Children's Peer Cultures; W.Corsaro Life Times: Children's Perspectives on Age, Agency and Memory across the Life Course; A.James Structuration of Childhood: An Essay on the Structuring of Childhood and Anticipatory Socialisation; I.Frønes Index
In this timely study, high profile researchers contribute to the burgeoning field of the social studies of childhood with original and often surprising perspectives and approaches. They demonstrate that far from being esoteric or negligible, childhood is part and parcel of the social fabric in both poor and affluent countries. With chapters on children's agency in small worlds and childhood's placement in large scale relationships, the book shows not only the variety of childhood(s), but also suggests that much is common in a generational context.

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