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Working Beyond 60

Key Policies and Practices in Europe
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G. Reday-Mulvey
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Foreword; A.Walker Foreword; P.M.Liedtke Introduction PART 1: WORKING BEYOND 60 - WHY? THE GLOBAL PICTURE: NEW CONSTRAINTS AND OPPORTUNITIES Demographic Constraints Social Changes and Opportunities Economic Constraints and Welfare Reforms Employment Changes and Opportunities PART 2: WORKING BEYOND 60 - HOW? THE REDUCTION OF WORKING TIME AND THE PROMOTION OF AGE MANAGEMENT The Part-Time Model of Work Beyond 60 The Role of Supra-national Organizations & Social Partners Recent Public Policies and Best Practice in Selected European Countries Recent Company Measures and Best Practice in Selected European Firms PART 3: WORKING BEYOND 60 - FOR WHOM? THE NEED FOR FAIRNESS, DIVERSITY AND FLEXIBILITY Who Can Work Beyond 60? PART 4: WORKING BEYOND 60 - KEY POLICIES AND RECOMMENDATIONS
While the question to why work beyond sixty has now become obvious, the how and for whom questions are the real topic of this new study by one of the best European specialists in the area. Work after sixty - if it is to be feasible and widespread - has to be on a part-time basis to meet the wishes and needs of workers and companies. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the growing importance of work beyond sixty and a comparative discussion of new policies in several EU Member States as well as of company practice.

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