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Rematerializing Shakespeare

Authority and Representation on the Early Modern English Stage
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B. Reynolds
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Shakespearean Emergences: Back from Materialisms to Transversalisms and Beyond; B.Reynolds & W.N.West PART I: THE FORM AND PRESSURE OF THE TIME: POPULAR AND UNPOPULAR TRADITIONS 'Strike All That Look Upon With Marvel': Theatrical and Theological Wonder in The Winter's Tale ; H.Diehl Performance and Urban Space in Shakespeare's Rome, or, 'S.P.Q.L'; D.J.Hopkins Shakespeare's Little Boys: Theatrical Apprenticeship and the Construction of Childhood; C.Belsey PART II: WHAT'S THE MATTER? REVISIONS AND REVERSIONS IN PEN AND VOICE Rematerializing Shakespeare's Intertheatricality: The Occidental/Oriental Halimpsest; J.Gil Harris The Politics of Shakespeare's Prose; D.Bruster Mercutio's Bad Language; W.N.West Nanti Everything; T.Hawkes Authority and Early Modern Theater: Representing Robert Weimann; J.Drakakis PART III: CREATURES SITTING AT A PLAY: THE AUTHORITY AND REPRESENTATION OF AUDIENCES Homo Clausus at the Theater; D.Hillman Figuring the Consumer: the Cultural Production of Early Modern Theatre; K.McLuskie The Delusion of Critique: Subjunctive Space, Transversality, and the Conceit of Deceit in Hamlet ; A.Kubiak & B.Reynolds Index
To 'rematerialize' in the sense of Rematerializing Shakespeare: Authority and Representation on the Early Modern English Stage is not to recover a lost material infrastructure, as Marx spoke of, nor is it to restore to some material existence its priority over the imaginary. Indeed, this collection of work by some of the most highly-regarded critics in Shakespeare studies does not offer a single theoretical stance on any of the various forms of critical materialism (Marxism, cultural materialism, new historicism, transversal poetics, gender studies, or performance criticism), but rather demonstrates that the materiality of Shakespeare is multidimensional and consists of the imagination, the intended, and the desired. Nothing returns in this rematerialization, unless it is a return in the sense of the repressed, which, when it comes back, comes back as something else. An all-star line-up of contributors includes Kate McLuskie, Terence Hawkes, Catherine Belsey and Doug Bruster.

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