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On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics

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K. Rogers
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PART 1: ENTERING THE CAVE OF THE SHADOW PUPPETEERS The Cave of the Shadow Puppeteers How are Science and Technology Related? Technology, Knowledge and Truth PART 2: THE SPIRIT OF THE ENTERPRISE Bhaskar's Realist Theory of Science The Inadequacy of Empirical Adequacy Bhaskar's Transcendental Argument PART 3: THE MATHEMATICAL PROJECTION OF SIX SIMPLE MACHINES Galileo and the Mathematical Projection of the Six Simple Machines Mechanical Realism and the Mechanical World-View PART 4: THE 'MAKING' OF THE GROUND PLAN OF NATURE Setting-up the Ground Plan Construals, Technographe, Exoframing and Mathematial Practices 'Making' the Ground Plan of Nature The Theory of the Real PART 5: THE ANVIL OF PRACTICE AND THE ART OF EXPERIMENTATION Models, Metaphors and Machine Performances The Technological Framework of Experimental Physics Technology, Truth and Experimental Physics PART 6: WHAT ENABLES US TO BUILD MACHINES? Whence the Resistance? What Enables Us to Build Machines? Leaving the Cave of the Shadow Puppeteers Notes and References Index
This provocative and critical work addresses the question of why scientific realists and positivists consider experimental physics to be a natural and empirical science. Taking insights from contemporary science studies, continental philosophy, and the history of physics, this book describes and analyses the metaphysical presuppositions that underwrite the technological use of experimental apparatus and instruments to explore, model, and understand nature. By revealing this metaphysical foundation, the author questions whether experimental physics is a natural and empirical science at all.

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