Safety of Meat and Processed Meat

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Fidel Toldrá
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Food Microbiology and Food Safety

Safety of Meat and Processed Meat provides the reader with the recent developments on safety, from the abattoir along the processing chain to the final product.
To achieve this goal, the editor uses five approaches. The first part deals with the main biological contaminants like pathogen microorganisms, toxins, meat spoilage and BSE material that can be present either in meat or its derived products. The second part focuses on main technologies for meat decontamination like high pressure or bioprotective cultures to extend the shelf life. The third part presents non-biological contaminants and residues in meat and meat products including PAH, veterinary drugs and environmental compounds. The fourth part discusses current methodologies for the detection of spoilage and pathogen microorganisms, its toxins, BSE material and GMOs, and the final part deals with predictive models, risk assessment, regulations on meat safety and other recent trends in the field.
This book is written by distinguished international contributors from 18 countries with excellent experience and reputation. In addition, brings together advances in different safety approaches.
Fidel Toldrá is a Professor at the Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (CSIC) in Valencia, Spain.
First comprehensive book to cover all pertinent safety issues concerning meats and processed meats
Part I.- Biological hazards in meat and processed meats 1.- Main concerns of pathogenic microorganisms in meat 2.- Fate of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in meat 3.- Insights in fresh meat spoilage 4.- Mycotoxins and toxins 5.- Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy and meat safety Part II.- Decontamination and/or protection technologies for meat processing 6.- Strategies for on-line decontamination of carcasses 7.- Advanced decontamination technologies: High hydrostatic pressure on meat products 8.- Advanced decontamination technologies: Irradiation 9.- Control of thermal meat processing 10.- Antimicrobials treatment 11.- Biopreservation 12.- Oxidative changes and their control in meat and meat products Part III.- Non-biological residues and contaminants in meat and processed meats 13.- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in smoked meats 14.- Veterinary drugs and growth promoters residues in meat and processed meats 15.- Priority environmental chemical contaminants in meat Part IV.- Current methodologies for the detection of contaminants in meat and processed meats 16.- Real-time PCR methods for detection of foodborne bacterial pathogens in meat and meat products 17.- Detecting and tracking emerging pathogenic and spoilage bacteria from farm to fork 18.- Molecular analysis of pathogenic bacteria and their toxins 19.- Methodologies for the detection of BSE risk material in meat and meat products 20.- GMO detection Part V.- Risk assessment and regulations on meat safety 21.- Principles of predictive modelling 22.- Predictive modellingof pathogen growth in cooked meats 23.- Microbiological quantitative risk assessment 24.- Quantitative risk assessment of bovine spongiform encephalopathy 25.- Regulations on meat hygiene and safety in the European Union 26.- Regulations on meat hygiene in the USA Index

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