Autor: Christopher Edward Taucar
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Canadian Federalism and Quebec Sovereignty

47, American University Studies Series 10: Political Science
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In this comprehensive book on Canadian federalism, the author thoroughly examines the Quebec sovereignty issue in order to determine whether or not reasonable and substantial grounds exist justifying Quebec sovereignty in the context of contemporary Canada. As a result, this book examines the successive layers that constitute Canadian federalism to unravel its nature, essence and the successes of its functioning, or the lack thereof, particularly with respect to Quebec. Ultimately, no matter how the federation is portrayed, if it has worked and continues to work well to achieve the most basic needs and interests of Quebecers, there leaves little if anything in support of secession. The fundamental success of the Canadian federation is the all-important lesson of this book.
Autor: Christopher Edward Taucar
The Author: Christopher Edward Taucar, B.A. Hon. (Toronto), LL.B. (Queen's), LL.M. (Toronto), has been studying Canadian federalism, constitutionalism, and constitutional law for over twelve years. He is currently a lawyer.

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Autor: Christopher Edward Taucar
ISBN-13 :: 9780820462424
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Gewicht: 364g
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