Autor: R. Seth C. Knox
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Weimar Germany between Two Worlds

81, Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature
The American and Russian Travels of Kisch, Toller, Holitscher, Goldschmidt, and Rundt
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During the interwar period America and Russia provided German travel writers with opposing visions of Germany's future, as well as blank screens for the projections of their hopes and anxieties. The travel literature genre allowed authors and readers to approach Weimar Germany's social issues from a psychologically safe distance. This is the first book to analyze the American and Russian travels of Kisch, Toller, Holitscher, Goldschmidt, and Rundt from a psychogeographic and imagologic perspective. It is a work of particular interest to researchers and students of travel literature, cultural studies, the construction and perception of the «other,» and literary psychology.
Autor: R. Seth C. Knox
The Author: R. Seth C. Knox is Instructor of German at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He received his Ph.D. in modern languages from Wayne State University in Detroit and his B.S. in psychology and German from Adrian College in Michigan.

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Autor: R. Seth C. Knox
ISBN-13 :: 9780820463421
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