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Winging It!

Jack Jefford, Pioneer Alaskan Aviator
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Jack Jefford
Alaska Northwest Books Caribou Classics
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Foreword by Carmen Jefford Fisher, Page 11; Part 1: Riding the Grub Line, Pages 15 - 58; Becoming a Pilot, The Voice from the Sky ,Riding the Grub Line, Barnstorming, Coyote Slayer, Crossroads, Broken Bow, Flying the Weather, Hastings, Kelly One & Kelly Two; Part 2: Foul-Weather Flyer, Pages 59 - 96,Nome, Working the Mines, Henry Gumm Goes South, and Brother Hansen Returns Home, To Cordova in the Vega, Foul-Weather Flyer, The Crackups, Part 3: There's More to the Job than Flying, Pages 97 - 152, The Girls and the Godfather, Gold Fever, The Reindeer Study, Progress in the Cockpit, Crash on the Darby Mountains, Groping up the Yukon, Guiding the Columbia, Evacuation of Jack Devine, Stinson-A Trimotor, The Marshall and Miss Alaska, Missing Pilots, The Reindeer Acquisition, Part 4: Patrol Pilot, Pages 153 - 196, Signed on with the CAA, General Buckner, DLAND at West Ruby,  Injured Man Aboard, War, The Queen Mary, Horning's Ordeal, The Boeing 247, A Tale of Two Cessnas,Part 5: King Chris, Pages 197 - 235 King Chris, Wartime Flight to Attu,A Night at North Shore Umnak, The Waipio Inveiglement, Shungnak Snafu, Torture Flight to Seattle, Summer Landing, CAA Christmas, They Come and They Go, Part 6: Gold Medalist, Pages 236 - 285, Hinchinbrook Beach Landing, Tragedy at Port Heiden, Fuel Oil Blues, The Rescue of Cliff Uzzell, Juneau Backfire, The Black Cat's Path, Taylor Weather, Fiddling Around in Nome, Gold Medalist, Part 7: Into the Jet Age, Pages 286 - 314, N-123, Trouble in the C-123, The Flying X-Rays, Saberliner Jet School, McKinley Rescue, Back to Nome on the Iditarod, Index, Pages 315 - 319, Epitaph: Jack Jefford 1910 - 1979, Page 320
Jack Jefford shares stories of his gripping rescues, white-knuckle crackups, and wild adventures that come from flying the not always friendly skies of Alaska. Arriving in the Territory of Alaska in 1937, he started flying from the gold rush town of Nome for Hans Mirow. Jack's stories are some of the most fascinating and interesting to come out of Alaska. At the urging of his daughter, this great, early Alaska pilot decided to share these incredible flying stories with all aviation fans the world over

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