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To The Top of Denali

Climbing Adventures on North America's Highest Peak
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Bill Sherwonit
Alaska Northwest Books
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Foreword by Art Davidson - ix, Preface - xi, Acknowledgements - xvi, Chapter One: The Mountain - 1, Chapter Two: The Pioneers - 7, Chapter Three: The Sourdough Expedition 1910 - 25, Chapter Four: Hudson Stuck and the First Ascent 1913 - 41, Chapter Five: The 1932 Expeditions; Carpe and Lindley Like - 61, Chapter Six: Bradford Washburn and the West Buttress - 81, Chapter Seven: Cassin's Conquest of the South Face, 1961 - 125, Chapter Eight: The First Winter Ascent, 1967 - 137, Chapter Nine: The Wilcox Expedition Disaster, 1967 - 173, Chapter Ten: Winter Solo Ascents: Waterman, Uemura, and Johnston - 207, Chapter Eleven: Winter Solo Ascents: Tejas and Staeheli - 233, Chapter Twelve: The Deadliest Season, 1992 - 273, Chapter Thirteen: Climber Self Sufficiency and Rescues - 289,
In this revised and updated third edition, Bill Sherwonit brings to life the adventure, heroism, triumph, and tragedy of climbing North America's highest peak, Denali. He offers great insight and tales of daring adventure for both experienced climbers and armchair explorers who wonder why people climb mountains. The book contains stores about some of the best known personalities associated with the mountain from Bradford Washburn to Vern Tejas. Sherwonit has added new records and climbing data along with some stories of new faces who have attempted the climb. He also updated the Park Service rules regarding climbing Denali.

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