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Wind on the Waves

Stories from the Oregon Coast
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Kim Stafford
WestWinds Press
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Finding a Place to be AfraidRogue Wave
Courtship at Indian Beach
Diary Entry: Our Coast
Sweet Light Elegy
Flavor of Solitude
Brother Wind
The Play of Moving Water
More Flower than Leaf
Phone Call
Cross the Water to Live Alone
Coffee at the Eavesdrop Cafe
A Cove of Your Own
Creatures of the Mountain
I Thought It Would Be Bigger
A Bubble Can't Last Long
The Moon's Work
Who Married Seal
Ocean Lullaby
Bear Cave Cove
More Children
Weekend at the Coast
Skull of the Jellyfish
Grandma Dewey
Shell Ash at the Midden
Pretty Intruder
Where Goes the Wind?
The Edge Effect in Jazz and Salt
Cedar Pirate
Knower and Forgetter
Ship Catch Wind
Salmon at Sweet Creek
Lonesome Bliss
A Wave's Purpose
Loon in the Spruce
Empty Handed
Out There
Conversation at the Stump
Go Ask the Owls
A Tree with Arms
Dune Buggy Tao
Lucille and the Secrets of Fog
Storm Watch
I Know Every Rock in This Harbor
Razor Tongue of the Limpet
A Tug on the Line
Redhead Roundup
Wind on the Waves
Wind on the Waves is a collection of fifty-two stories that embody the beauty, mystery, and allure of Oregon's magnificent coast. Written by award-winning author and poet Kim Stafford, these wonderfully written vignettes celebrate the people, towns, wildlife, culture, and natural beauty of one of America's most rugged, beautiful, and enchanting coast lines. Wind on the Waves evokes the feelings of wonder and joy, the miracle of existence, the significance of humanity-and its insignificance compared to the power of the sea. Being open to the world is a gift-one which Kim Stafford has shared so well. These words from one of Oregon's most influential writers are the song of life sung on the stage of the shore, and the wind, and the waves.

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