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Bradford Washburn, An Extraordinary Life

The Autobiography of a Mountaineering Icon
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Bradford Washburn
WestWinds Press
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1. Mountain Beginnings 2. Early Days and Family Life
3. Climbing in the Alps
4. Lecture Tours and a Harvard Education
5. Welcome to Alaska
6. Mount Crillon: My First "First" in Alaska
7. The National Geographic Yukon Expedition
8. Meeting Mount McKinley and Amelia Earhart
9. The Great Lucania Enterprise
10. More New Routes in Alaska
11. A Career and a Marriage Are Born
12. Barbara Climbs Her First Mountain
13. Blending Family and Alaska
14. Climbing Mount McKinley for the U.S. Army
15. World War II Days in Alaska
16. Investigating a Tragic Accident
17. Back to McKinley with Barbara
18. A Crazy Misadventure in China
19. Building Boston's Museum of Science
20. Pioneering Mount McKinley's West Buttress
2I. Mapping McKinley
22. Exploring America with Our Children
23. Telling Everything about Dr. Frederick A. Cook 255
24. A Growing Museum and the Bradford Washburn Award
25. Mapping the Grand Canyon with Barbara
26. Into Africa
27. A Life in Transition
28. Mapping Mount Everest and Keeping Barbara Alive
29. Everest's Secrets
30. Dining with Presidents and Other Honors
31. It's a Wonderful Life
Maps by Bradford Washburn
Bradford and Barbara Washburn's Honorary Degrees
Bradford and Barbara Washburn's Awards and Prizes
About the Coauthor
Here at last is the thrilling memoir of the legendary mountaineer Bradford Washburn, one of the last surviving explorers and adventurers of the twentieth century. Drawing from decades of memories, journals, and an exquisite photographic collection, Washburn completes the self-portrait of a man drawn to altitude, from his first great climb of Mount Washington at age eleven, through numerous first ascents of peaks all over the world, to handily scaling a climbing wall at eighty-eight.

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