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Mike Tipping
Tilbury House Publishers
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IMAGINE THAT THE FUTURE WELL-BEING OF YOUR STATE is handed by 38% of its voters to a governor who tells the NAACP to ''kiss my butt''; who jokes that the worst his lax policies on toxic chemicals in consumer products will do is cause women to grow ''little beards''; who falsely claims that an active wind turbine is fake and run by ''a little electric motor''; and who loudly condemns your state's public schools as the worst in the nation while a national news magazine is ranking them among the best. Maine's governor Paul LePage has said all those things and much more in his stormy tenure. As disclosed for the first time in this book, he also spent 13 hours in 2013 in private meetings with conspiracy theorists discussing whathe would do if the federal government allowed Russian troops to invade North America, while at the same time claiming that he had no time to meet with legislative leaders. For the past 3 years, Maine has been a laboratory for Tea Party governance. When a movement defined by its distrust of government is handed the keys to a state, what happens next?As Maine Went examines Paul LePage's record to answer the question that matters most: Is he making Maine a better place?

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