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Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology and Weather Analysis and Forecasting

A Tribute to Fred Sanders
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Lance Bosart
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Honoring the scientist and teacher Fred Sanders, this book offers 16 articles and dozens of unique photographs evoking Fred's character and his atmospheric science work in the fields of forecasting, synoptic meteorology, weather analysis and climatology.
Surface Boundaries of the Southern Plains: their Role in the Initiation of Convective Storms.- Strong Surface Fronts over Sloping Terrain and Coastal Plains.- Back to Norway: An Essay.- An Empirical Perspective on Cold Fronts.- Perspectives on Fred Sanders' Research on Cold Fronts.- The Fiftieth Anniversary of Sanders (1955): A Mesoscale Model Simulation of the Cold Front of 17 -- 18 April 1953.- Ensemble Synoptic Analysis.- Surface Potential Temperature as an Analysis and Forecasting Tool.- Dynamical Diagnosis: A Comparison of Quasigeostrophy and Ertel Potential Voriticity.- Finescale Radar Observations of a Dryline during the International H?O Project (IHOP_2002).- The Sanders Barotropic Cyclone Track Prediction Model (SANBAR).- The Application of Fred Sanders' Teaching to Current Research on Extreme Cold-Season Precipitation Events in the Saint Lawrence River Valley Region.- Must Surprise Snowstorms be a Surprise?.- Fred Sanders' Roles in the Transformation of Synoptic Meteorology, the Study of Rapid Cyclogenesis, the Prediction of Marine Cyclones, and the Forecast of New York City's 'Big Snow' of DEcember 1947.- Linking Weather and Climate.- Closed Anticyclones of the Subtropics and Middle Latitudes: A 54-yr Climatology (1950--2003) and Three Case Studies.
This long-anticipated monograph honoring scientist and teacher Fred Sanders includes 16 articles by various authors as well as dozens of unique photographs evoking Fred's character and the vitality of the scientific community he helped develop through his work. Editors Lance F. Bosart (University at Albany/SUNY) and Howard B. Bluestein (University of Oklahoma at Norman) have brought together contributions from luminary authors-including Kerry Emanuel, Robert Burpee, Edward Kessler, and Louis Uccellini-to honor Fred's work in the fields of forecasting, weather analysis, synoptic meteorology, and climatology. The result is a significant volume of work that represents a lasting record of Fred Sanders' influence on atmospheric science and legacy of teaching.

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