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Business Lease Renewals

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Eric Shapiro
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Overview of the Act; Tenancies to Which the Act Applies; Contracting Out; Continuation and Termination of Tenancies; Preliminary Matters; Landlord's Section 25 Notices; Tenant's Section 26 Requests; Landlord's Opposition to Renewal; Dealing with Subtenants; Court Applications and Procedure; Interim Rent; The New Tenancy; Agreements and Court Orders for New Tenancies; Compensation for Non-Renewal; Compensation for Improvements; Glossary
Every surveyor, property manager and lawyer who deals with commercial property needs to have a thorough knowledge of Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, which governs the rights of business tenants to obtain renewals of their leases. A maze of complex and carefully interlocking provisions, the Act was radically amended by a Regulatory Reform Order as from 1 June 2004.These changes include:*widening the scope of protection*removing traps for tenants such as the counter-notice*changing the rules about court applications*amending the basis of assessing interim rent*imposing tougher requirements for giving information*creating new procedures for contracting out of the Act*a raft of new prescribed formsThis new book gives a clear explanation of the workings of the amended Act, keeping the framework in view while delving into the detail whenever needed. The old law is included for those situations where it may still be relevant. Written by a property lawyer assisted by a chartered surveyor and a property litigator, this publication, in addition to setting out the law, gives detailed guidance on practice for surveyors, managers, valuers, expert witnesses and property lawyers.

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