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Victimisation and Victims' Rights
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Lorraine Wolhuter
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1. Introduction Part 1: Victimology and Victimization 2. Theories of Victimology 3. Victimization 4. Women Victims - Domestic Terror and Female Victimization 5. Victims from Minority Ethnic Groups 6. LGBT and Elderly Victims Part 2: Legal Responses to Victimization 7. The Development of a Legal Right's Discourse 8. Support and Assistance 9. Information, Respect and Recognition, and Protection 10. Victim Participation 11. Victim Compensation 12. Victims and Restorative Justice 13. Rights of Victims from Socially Disadvantaged Groups 14. Conclusion - A Victims' Rights Model for the Criminal Process
How should the needs of victims of crime be met by the criminal justice system? Have the rights of victims been neglected in order to ensure that a defendant is brought to 'justice'? Who are the victims of crime and why are they targeted?This new book examines the theoretical arguments concerning victimization before examining who victims actually are and the measures taken by the criminal justice system to enhance their position. Particular attention is paid to the victimization of women, LGBT persons, minority ethnic persons and the elderly. The book engages in a detailed exposition of the law's response to such victimization, focusing on the measures adopted in international human rights law, by the Council of Europe, and in English law and policy. It also assesses alternative models of victim participation in criminal proceedings in European jurisdictions such as Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.Adopting an interdisciplinary approach which encompasses law, criminology and social policy, the book is ideal for undergraduates taking an option in victimology, race and crime, or gender and crime, whatever their disciplinary background.

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