Highland Homecomings
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Highland Homecomings

Genealogy and Heritage Tourism in the Scottish Diaspora
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Paul Basu
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Prologue: Other Landscapes 1. Introduction 2. An Itinerant Anthropology 3. Genealogy and Heritage Tourism in the Scottish Diaspora: An Overview 4. Imagineering Home 5. Home Spaces, Homepages, Homelands 6. 'Be of this Land' 7. Sites of Memory, Sources of Identity 8. Homecomings 9. Exiles and Emigrants: Negotiating the Moralities of Migrant Family Histories 10. Heuristic Journeys
The first full-length ethnographic study of its kind, Highland Homecomings examines the role of place, ancestry and territorial attachment in the context of a modern age characterized by mobility and rootlessness.With an interdisciplinary approach, speaking to current themes in anthropology, archaeology, history, historical geography, cultural studies, migration studies, tourism studies, Scottish studies, Paul Basu explores the journeys made to the Scottish Highlands and Islands to undertake genealogical research and seek out ancestral sites.Using an innovative methodological approach, Basu tracks journeys between imagined homelands and physical landscapes and argues that through these genealogical journeys, individuals are able to construct meaningful self-narratives from the ambiguities of their diasporic migrant histories, and recover their sense of home and self-identity.This is a significant contribution to popular and academic Scottish studies literature, particularly appealing to popular and academic audiences in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland

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