Defending the Genetic Supermarket
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Defending the Genetic Supermarket

The Law and Ethics of Selecting the Next Generation
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Colin Gavaghan
Biomedical Law and Ethics Library
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The Attack on the Genetic Supermarket. Autonomy and Germinal Choice. Children of the Genetic Supermarket. Impossible Alternatives: Derek Parfit and the Non-identity Principle. Disability, Gender and the Threat to the Already Disadvantaged. Saviour Siblings and the 'Means-Ends' Imperative. Justice and the Genetic Supermarket. Defending the Genetic Supermarket
The controversial topic of the technology of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, and the muddled approach to this subject adopted by the UK Parliament, is explored in detail in this volume. The author takes the viewpoint that the HFEA has taken insufficient notice to date of certain core ethical principles and makes the case for a much more ethically consistent and humane system than has been managed so far.Arguing that many of the fears and objections levied against Robert Nozick's notion of the 'Genetic Supermarket' by disability activists, christian bioethicists and radical feminists, amongst others, are internally inconsistent, philosophically unsound or merely highly improbable, the author considers a number of individual policy decisions of the HFEA and addresses such questions as:Can a case be made out for state involvement in such decisions?Who stands to be harmed by a supermarket model?Are any ethical principles or societal interests threatened by it?This book is an essential resource for law students of all levels and professionals working within or interested in medical and healthcare law and medical genetics.

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