Interracial Families
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Interracial Families

Current Concepts and Controversies
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George Alan Yancey
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1. Today's White Collar Crime Reading 1-1 Donald DeKieffer, Terrorist Links to Commercial Fraud in the United States Reading 1-2 Brad Heath, Katrina Fraud Swamps System 2. Information Technology and White Collar Crime Reading 2-1 Amber Ennis, A Look at Crime in the Age of Technology Reading 2-2 Peter Carbonara, The Scam That Will Not Die 3. The Corporate-State Corruption Connection - Can it be Stopped? Reading 3-1 Charlie Cray, Disaster Profiteering: The Flood of Crony Contracting Following Hurricane Katrina Reading 3-2 Charlie Cray, Meet the War Profiteers 4. The Origins of Public Corruption Control in the United States: 1883-1969 Reading 4-1 Elizabeth Kolbert, FELLOWship of the Ring Reading 4-2 David Witiwer, The Scandal of George Scalise: A Case Study in the Rise of Labor Racketeering in the 1930s 5. The "Modern Era" of Public Corruption Control: The 1970s Through Today Reading 5-1 Dennis F. Thompson, Mediated Corruption: The Case of the Keating Five Reading 5-2 Karen Tumulty, Mark Thompson & Mike Allen, How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There? 6. White Collar Crime Theory: Origins and Early Developments Reading 6-1 Bill McCarthy, The Attitudes and Actions of Others: Tutelage and Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association Reading 6-2 Neil Steinberg, Running After the Jonses 7. Organizational and Societal Crime Theories Reading 7-1 Davita Silfen Glasberg & Dan Skidmore, The Dialectics of White-Collar Crime: The Anatomy of the Savings and Loan Crisis and the Case of Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association Reading 7-2 Dell P. Champlin & Janet T. Knoedler, Corporations, Workers, and the Public Interest 8. White Collar Crime: A Legalistic Perspective Reading 8-1 Lawrence Malkin & Yuval Elizur, Terrorism's Money Trail Reading 8-2 Joseph T. Wells, An Unholy Trinity: The Three Ways Employees Embezzle Cash 9. White Collar Crime Analysis and Trends Reading 9-1 Tim Weiner, How to Make a Spy Reading 9-2 Marilyn B. Peterson, Applying Heuer's Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) in the Law Enforcement Intelligence Environment 10. Where Do We Go Frome Here? The Future of White Collar Crime Reading 10-1 William Billingslea, Illicit Cigarette Trafficking and the Funding of Terrorism Reading 10-2 Abbe David Lowell & Kathryn C. Arnold, Corporate Crime after 2000: A New Law Enforcement Challenge or Deja Vu?
A unique book offering both a research overview and practical advice for its readers, this text allows students to gain a solid understanding of the research that has been generated on several important issues surrounding multiracial families, including intimate relations, family dynamics, transracial adoptions, and other topics of personal and scholarly interest.

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