Directing the Story
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Directing the Story

Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation
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Francis Glebas
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Francis Glebas, a top Disney storyboard artist, shows how to reach the ultimate goal of animation and moviemaking by showing how to provide audiences with an emotionally satisfying experience. Directing the Story offers a structural approach to clearly and dramatically presenting visual stories. With Francis' help you'll discover the professional storytelling techniques which have swept away generations of movie goers and kept them coming back for more. You'll also learn to spot potential problems before they cost you time or money and offers creative solutions to solve them.Best of all, it practices what it preaches, using a graphic novel format to demonstrate the professional visual storytelling techniques you need to know.
PART ONEINTRODUCTION:The GoalAudiences watch movies and animations to be entertained through an emotionally satisfying and meaningful experience. This book shows how to entertain, by structuring the elements of film thematically. You can work with images, words and sounds.THE PROBLEMBeginners work is often boring and confusing- unemotional.What do directors direct? Attention -clearly and dramatically to tell an emotional story.THE BEGINNING BASICSHistory and uses of storyboardingHow to tell a story using images.How to storyboard a sceneHow to draw for storyboardingPART TWOSTRUCTURAL TACTICS TO REACH THE GOALHow direct attentionHow to direct the eyeHow to use imagesHow to convey and suggest meaningAiming for the heart. Emotional responseSUMMARYChart and recapitulation of all of the conceptsANALYSIS AND EVOLUTION OF THE SCHEHERAZADE PROJECTSCHEHERAZADE and her story will be woven through out, demonstrating 'HOW TO' for each of the concepts being discussed.

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