Principles of Learning and Memory
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Principles of Learning and Memory

Classic Edition
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Robert G. Crowder
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Foreword to the Classic Edition by Henry L. Roediger, III, and James S. Nairne. Background Comments and Three Analytic Concepts. Iconic Memory. Echoic Memory. Recoding by Speech in Short-Term Memory. Nonverbal Memory. Primary Memory. Forgetting in Short-Term Memory. The Interference Theory of Forgetting in Long-Term Memory. The Effects of Repetition on Memory. The Organization of Memory in Free Recall. Retrieval. Serial Organization in Learning and Memory.
In this landmark volume from 1976, Robert Crowder presents an organized review of the concepts that guide the study of learning and memory. The basic organization of the book is theoretical, rather than historical or methodological, and there are four broad sections. The first is on coding in memory, and the relations between memory and vision, audition and speech. The second section focuses on short-term memory. The third is loosely organized around the topic of learning. The final section includes chapters that focus on the process of retrieval, with special attention to recognition and to serial organization. Crowder presumes no prior knowledge of the subject matter on the part of the reader; technical terms are kept to a minimum, and he makes every effort to introduce them carefully when they first occur. It is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses.

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