Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries
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Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries

Conceptualising and understanding identity through boundary approaches
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Jennifer Jackson
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1. Introduction Jennifer Jackson and Lina Molokotos-Liederman Part I: Theoretical framework and methodological considerations 2. A new model of boundary complexity Richard Jenkins 3. 'Boundary', 'Border', 'Limit' in the Human Sciences: Towards a Conceptual History Jean Terrier 4. Modernity, globalization and nationalism: The age of frenzied boundary-building Daniele Conversi 5. Ethnic boundaries: A critical rationalist perspective Michael Banton Part II: Case Studies 6. Boundaries and Belonging: Dominant Ethnicity and the Place of the Nation in a Global Era Michael Skey 7. A' the Bairns o' Adam? The Ethnic Boundaries of Scottish National Identity Michael Rosie 8. Ethnicity and Boundaries in Jewish Nationalism Yitzhak Conforti Part III: Comparative Perspectives 9. The migration of frontiers. Ethno-national conflicts and contested cities Wendy Pullan 10. Nationalizing States and Ethno-national Boundaries: A Comparative Perspective on Soviet Successor States Rogers Brubaker 11.Conflict Management in Divided Societies: The Many Uses of Territorial Self-Governance Stefan Wolff 12. Concluding Remarks Jennifer Jackson and Lina Molokotos-Liederman
Nationalism and ethnicity have become, across time and space, a force in the construction of boundaries. This book analyses geographical and physical borders and symbolic, political and socio-economic boundaries, and how they impact upon nationalism and ethnic identity. Geographic and other tangible borders are critical components in the making and unmaking of boundaries. However, symbolic or intangible boundaries along national, ethnic, political or socio-economic criteria are equally significant. Organised into three sections on theory, national and transnational case studies, this book both introduces existing approaches to the study of boundaries and illustrates how it is possible to apply renewed boundary approaches to better understand nationalism and ethnicity in contemporary contexts. Expert contributors in the field present detailed case studies on the UK, Israel, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and draw upon further examples from more than a dozen countries to provide a critical evaluation of the use of borders, boundaries and boundary-making in the study of nationalism and ethnicity.This book will be of interest to students and scholars of International Politics, Nationalism, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Ethnic Identity and Sociology.

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