Coupling... What Makes Permanence? (Psychology Revivals)
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Coupling... What Makes Permanence? (Psychology Revivals)

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Barbara Jo Brothers
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Barbara Jo Brothers Introduction. 1. Sheldon Starr An Interview with Virginia Satir 2. Barbara Jo Brothers Ask Not for Whom the Siren Wails 3. Howard Halpern Feeling in Love Is Not Enough 4.Carol L. Griffin Comment - Response to Howard Halpern's Article: 'Feeling in Love Is Not Enough' 5. Charles Ansell Comment - Response to Howard Halpern's Article: 'Feeling in Love Is Not Enough' 6. Donald Lathrop Comment - Response to Howard Halpern's Article: 'Feeling in Love Is Not Enough' 7. Jerome A. Travers A Grammar of Love 8. Diana Adile Kirschner and Sam Kirschner The Dual Paths of Healthy Relationships 9. Roslyn Schwartz and Leonard J. Schwartz Perspectives on Long-Term-Relationships 10. David I. Perry A Woven Trust: A Commentary on 'Perspectives on Long-Term-Relationships' by Roslyn Schwartz, PhD and Leonard J. Schwartz, PhD 11. Alexander Jasnow And Then There Were Two 12. Rae Dezettel Perls and Stephen R. Perls ...Ever Ever After: A Non Scientific Look at Longterm Relationships 13. Gail Kadison Golden Coupling: Contracts, Attachment and Love 14. Petruska Clarkson Facets of the Dance 15. Jerome A. Travers Love and Marriage and Other Silly Delusions 16. Murray Scher Love and Marriage: An Inquiry into the Longevity of a Relationship 17. Lynn Pearlmutter Realism Not Sentimentality.
Originally published in 1991, the theme for this title is the exploration of the components of lasting, long-term relationships. It begins with the first part of an interview between Sheldon Starr and Virginia Satir, made in 1985 and is followed by a comment on that interview by the Editor. Other chapters discuss the subject of falling in love and the notion of 'being in love' as distinguished from 'a love relationship'. The authors, including some who have been married for many years themselves, look at the many aspects that make long-term relationships successful. The chapters range in essence from 'What is love?' to 'How is love maintained?'. This title aims to share the information the authors have gained, about what makes coupling work, with society as a whole.

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