Attention and Emotion (Classic Edition)
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Attention and Emotion (Classic Edition)

A clinical perspective
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Adrian Wells
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Introduction: Cognitive Theory of Emotional Disorders Part 1 Emotion, Attention and Information Processing 1. Attention - Basic Conceptual and Theoretical Issues 2. Selection of Complex, Personally Significant and Emotional Stimuli 3. Attentional Bias In Emotion Disorders 4.Affective Bias in Attention - Theoretical Issues 5. Emotional Disorders - Attentional Deficit Part 2 Cognitive Content and Process In Emotional Disorder 6. Attentional Content - Distressing Intrusive Thought 7.Interactionist Approaches To Stress 8. Self-focused Attention 9. Attention Manipulations Moderating Influences in Treatment? 10. Attentional Disorder - Cause or Consequence of Emotional Problems Part 3 New Theoretical Model and Clinical Implications 11. Theoretical Integration 12. Clinical Implications
This is a Classic Edition of Adrian Wells and Gerald Matthews' award-winning textbook on attention and emotion, which now includes new section introductions. The book won the British Psychological Society book award in 1998, and is now widely seen as a classic in the field of emotional disorders. Attention and Emotion: A Clinical Perspective critically reviews the literature on attention and emotion, and offers an integrative cognitive attentional model of the development and maintenance of emotional disorders. The authors also discuss the implications for clinical practice of attentional theories of emotional dysfunction. In the new section introductions, the authors reflect on the influence of their ground-breaking model and the subsequent developments in the field, 20 years since the book was first published. The book will continue to be essential reading for students, researchers and professionals with an interest in disorders of attention and emotion.

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