Assessing Pain and Communication in Disorders of Consciousness
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Assessing Pain and Communication in Disorders of Consciousness

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Camille Chatelle
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1.Introduction to the challenge of pain and communication in disorders of consciousness, Camille Chatelle, Steven Laureys, Caroline Schnakers 2. The cortical processing of pain, André Mouraux 3. Behavioral assessment of pain in disorders of consciousness: clinical and ethical issues, Nathan D. Zasler, Anne T. O'Brien, and Caroline Schnakers 4. Overcoming the challenges of accurately assessing consciousness and communication in the context of pain assessment, John Whyte, & Mark Sherer 5. Using paraclinical assessments to detect consciousness and communicate with severely brain-injured patients, Camille Chatelle and Damien Lesenfants 6. Brain- Computer- Interface (BCI) Communication in the Locked- In: A Tool for Differential Diagnosis, Ujwal Chaudhary, Francesco Piccione and Niels Birbaumer 7. Disorders of Consciousness in an Evolving Neuroscience Context, Graham Wilson and Eric Racine 8. Conclusion and future perspectives, Camille Chatelle and Steven Laureys
Recent advances in medicine for resuscitation and care have led to an increased number of patients that survive severe brain damage but who are poorly responsive and non-communicative at the bedside. This has led to a striking need to better characterize, understand, and manage this population who present a real challenge for the assessment of pain and for planning treatment. This edited collection provides clinicians with a guide to recent developments in research on pain perception and assessment, and the detection of consciousness and communication in patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC).

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