The Capitalist Space Economy
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The Capitalist Space Economy

Geographical Analysis after Ricardo, Marx and Sraffa
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Eric Sheppard
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1. Introduction Part 1: The Basics 2. The Capital Controversies 3. The Value Controversies Part 2: The Profit Maximizing Space Economy 4. Production Prices in a Competitive Space Economy 5. Reswitching in a Space Economy 6. Incorporating Natural Resources: Rent Theory 7. The City: Incorporating the Built Environment 8. The Labour Value Circuit 9. The Quantity Circuit and Capital Accumulation Part 3: Disequilibrium: Class Contradiction and Struggle 11. Location and Inter-class Conflict 12. Location and Intra-class Conflict Part 4: Disequilibrium: Technical Change and Oranization 13. Strategies for Reducing Production Costs 14. Strategies for Reducing Production Costs 14. Strategies for Organizational Restructuring 15. Conclusions.
Representing an innovative approach to the analysis of the economic geography of capitalism, this stimulating book develops an analytical political economic framework. Part 1 provides an introductory overvi9ew fo some of the fundamental debates about price, profits and value in economics which underlie the analytical political economy approach. Part 2 analyzes the special role of space and transportation in commodity production and the spatial organization of the economy that this implies. Parts 3 and 4 examine the conflicting goals and actions of different social clases and individuals and how these are complicated by space, concluding with a detailed analysis of capitalists' strategiesas they cope with uncertainty and disequilibrium.

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