The Prehistoric Foundations of Europe to the Mycenean Age
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The Prehistoric Foundations of Europe to the Mycenean Age

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C. F. C. Hawkes
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Preface 1: Prehistory and European Foundations: Prologue 2. The Epoch of Formation 2.1: Ice and Humanity 2.2: The Palaeolithic Age in Outline 2.3: Palaeolithic Life and the Creation of Art 3. Mesolithic Europe and the Dawn of Civilization 3.1: The Mesolithic Age and its Beginnings 3.2: The Mesolithic Age and its Developments 3.3. The Dawn of Civilization 4. The South-east and the Danubian Expansion 4.1: Aegean Cultures and the Neolithic Hinterland 4.2. The South-Eastern Peasantries 4.3: The Spread of Danubian Civilization 5. The West, The Sea-ways, and the North 5.1: The Western Neolithic 5.2: Trade, Religion, and Civilization from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic 5.3: Trade, Religion, and Civilization from the Atlantic to the Baltic 6. Migration, Conflict, and Change 6.1: The Northern Neolithic and the Warrior Cultures 6.2: Peoples, Movements, and Metal-working 6.3: Towards a Bronze Age Europe 7. The Bronze Age and the European Achievement 7.1: The Meaning of the Age and its Inception in Central Europe 7.2: The West, the North, and the Channels of Trade 7.3: Italy, Hungary, and the Balance of Cultures: Mycenae and Crete, Europe and the Orient 8. Prehistory and the Foundations of Europe: Epilogue
First published in 1940, this is a classic work by one of the most well-regarded archaeological scholars. European archaeology had made remarkable progress in the early twentieth century and this volume offers a clear impression of the understanding of European prehistory as a whole. Broken into six topics with additional prologue and epilogue, the text traces out the early foundations of human culture in Europe, covering the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages, as well as offering specific focuses on trade routes, and migration and conflict.

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