Public Service Operations Management
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Public Service Operations Management

A research handbook
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Zoe J. Radnor
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1. The Role and Substance of Public Service Operations Management 2. Going the Distance: Sport operations management in the public and third sectors 3. Non-profit Business Collaboration: Operationalizing a strategy for non-profit organizations 4. Accidental Lean - Performance improvement in an NHS hospital and reflections on the role of operations strategy 5. Humanitarian Aid Logistics: A new area for the public service research agenda? 6. Service Systems Design and Implementation 7. The Challenges of Public Sector Demand and Capacity Management: An exploratory case study of police services 8. Drivers of Change in the UK Fire Service: An operations management perspective 9. Managing Capacity and Demand in a Responsive Repairs Service: Lessons from social housing 10. Enterprising Citizens and the Big Society: The impact of the entrepreneurial university on public services 11. The Challenges of Performance Measurement in Third Sector Organizations: The case of UK advocacy services 12. Extending Operations Management Framework to Public System: Public grievance redressal system in urban local bodies in Karnataka, India 13. Are we Closing the Loop? Examining the design of voluntary sector performance measurement systems 14. Improving Quality and Performance with the Public Sector Scorecard 15. Deconstructing Lean Policing in England and Wales: A knowledge creation perspective 16. Operationalizing Lean in Services: Rediscovering service blueprinting 17. Lean in the NHS: A case study of a whole organisation approach to lean implementation across an English hospital 18. A Lean Healthcare Journey: The Scottish experience 19. The English Patient Experience: Does healthcare service quality matter? 20. Mapping Institutional Pressures for e-SCM Adoption: The case of health care supply chains 21. Understanding the Nature of Demand Variation of Patient Arrival for Emergency Healthcare Services - The first challenge 22. Applying Supply Chain Logic to Criminal Law Enforcement - The case of The Netherlands 23. Public Services Operations Management: Reflections and a research agenda
How do policy makers and managers square the circle of increasing demand and expectations for the delivery and quality of services against a backdrop of reduced public funding from government and philanthropists? Leaders, executives and managers are increasingly focusing on service operations improvement. In terms of research, public services are immature within the discipline of operations management, and existing knowledge is limited to government departments and large bureaucratic institutions.Drawing on a range of theory and frameworks, this book develops the research agenda, and knowledge and understanding in public service operations management, addressing the most pressing dilemmas faced by leaders, executives and operations managers in the public services environment. It offers a new empirical analysis of the impact of contextual factors, including the migration of planning systems founded on MRP/ERP and the adoption of industrial based improvement practices such as TQM, lean thinking and Six Sigma.This will be of interest to researchers, educators and advanced students in public management, service operations management, health service management and public policy studies.

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