The Ancient Burial-mounds of England
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The Ancient Burial-mounds of England

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L. V. Grinsell
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Part 1: Aspects of Barrow Study Introductory 1. Type and Chronology 2. The Cult of the Dead 3. Construction 4. Local Names 5. Folklore 6. Maps and Distributions 7. Fieldwork 8. Barrow-diggin Through the Ages Part 2: Topographical 1. Cornwall 2. Dartmoor and South-East Devon 3. Exmoor and the Quantock Hills 4. The Mendip Hills 5. The South Dorset Ridgeway 6. Egdon Heath and the New Forest 7. The Isle of Wight 8. Cranborne Chase 9. Salisbury Plain and Surroundings 10. Avebury and the North Wessex Downs 11. The South Downs 12. The Medway Megaliths, North Downs and Surroundings 13. The Icknield Way and East Anglia 14. The Cotswolds 15. The Wold Country 16. Arbor Low, the Peak, and the Dales 17. The Yorkshire Moors 18. The Lake Counties 19. Northumbria
First published in 1936 and rewritten in 1953, this book embodies the results of the author's extensive researches and fieldwork. Part one considers types of barrows and dating, their building and the cult of the dead from Palaeolithic to Saxon times. A chapter is dedicated to maps and another to fieldwork in particular, while the final bit of the introductory material discussed barrow-digging from the time of the Romans to the twentieth century. Part two is the regional surveys, from Cornwall to Kent and northwards to the Scottish border.

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