Where the Meanings Are (Routledge Revivals)
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Where the Meanings Are (Routledge Revivals)

Feminism and Cultural Spaces
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Catharine R. Stimpson
Routledge Revivals
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Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Black Culture/White Teacher (1970) 2. "They Neighbor's Wife, Thy Neighbor's Servants": Women's Liberation and Black Civil Rights (1971) 3. What Matter Mind: A Theory about the Practice of Women's Studies (1973) 4. The Adrogynane and the Homosexual (1974) 5. On Work (1977) 6. Tillie Olsen: Witness as Servant (1977) 7. Shakespeare and the Soil of Rape (1980) 8. Ad/d Feminam: Women, Literature and Society (1980) 9. Zero Degree Deviancy: The Lesbian Novel in English (1981) 10. The Company of Children (1982) 11. Feminism and Feminist Criticism (1983) 12. The Female Sociograph: The Theater of Virginia Woolf's Letters (1984) 13. Adrienne Rich and Lesbian/Feminist Poetry (1985) 14. Female Insubordination and the Text (1986) 15. A Welcome Treaty: The Humanities in Everyday Life (1986) 16. Nancy Regan Wears a Hat: Feminism and its Cultural Consensus (1987); Notes; Index
First published in 1990, this collection of essays in literary criticism, feminist theory and race relations was named one of the top twenty-five books of 1988 by the Voice Literary Supplement. The title covers such subjects as black literature; the reconstruction of culture, changing arts, letters and sciences to include the topics of women and gender; and, the nature of family and the changing roles of women within society. As such, Catharine Stimpson employs a transdisciplinary approach, to encourage greater understanding of the differences among women, and thus socially-constructed differences in general. Where the Meanings Are tells of some of the arguments within feminism during the re-designing and designing of cultural spaces, as post-modernism began to change the boundaries of race, class, and gender. It will therefore be of great value to students and general readers with an interest in the relationship between gender and culture, sex and gender difference, feminist theory and literature.

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