Recent Archaeological Excavations in Britain
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Recent Archaeological Excavations in Britain

Selected Excavations, 1939-1955
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R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
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Introduction 1. Star Carr, a Mesolithic Site in Yorkshire J.G.D. Clark 2. The Snettisham Treasure R. Rainbird Clarke 3. The Brigantian Fortifications at Stanwick, Yorkshire Sir Mortimer Wheeler 4. The Cult of Mithras and its Temple at Carrawburgh on Hadrian's Wall I.A. Richmond 5. The Lullingstone Roman Villa G.W. Meates 6. Excavations in the City of London W.F. Grimes 7. The Excavation of the Sutton-Hoo Ship-Burial C.W. Phillips 8. A Dark-Age Settlement at Mawgan Porth, Cornwall R.L.S. Bruce-Mitford 9. Jarlshof, a Prehistoric and Viking Settlement Site in Shetland J.R.C. Hamilton 10. The Norman Motte at Abinger, Surrey, and its Wooden Castle Brian Hope-Taylor 11. Deserted Medieval Villages and the Excavations at Wharram Percy, Yorkshire J.G. Hurst 12. Air Reconnaissance in Britain: Some Recent Results J.K.S. St. Joseph
Originally published in 1956, this collection features chapters by well-known archaeologists on various archaeological sites explored in the previous decade, as examples of the techniques being used and finds being made. Mostly from the lowland zone of Britain, the chapters nonetheless offer a spread of location and site types; while the periods being investigated range from prehistoric to Romano-British to later fields. This detailed work exemplifies the steady progress of study in archaeology and a final chapter on air reconnaissance deals with one of the most revolutionary additions to archaeology in the post-war period.Contributors include: J.G.D. Clark, R. Rainbird Clarke, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, I.A. Richmond, G.W. Meates, W.F. Grimes, C.W. Phillips, J.R.C. Hamilton, Brian Hope-Taylor, J.G. Hurst, J.K.S. St. Joseph.

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