Poetry Therapy
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Poetry Therapy

Theory and Practice
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Nicholas Mazza
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About the Author Foreword Preface: Restoring Hope (poem) Preface to the 1st Edition: Hope (poem) Acknowledgments Introduction to the 2nd Edition Part One. The Foundation of Poetry Therapy 1. The History and Development of Poetry Therapy 2. Theoretical Foundations 3. The R.E.S. Poetry Therapy Practice Model Part Two. Modalities of Poetry Therapy 4. Working with Individuals 5. Working with Families 6. Working with Groups 7. Working with Communities Part Three. Developmental Stages 8. Children and Early Adolescents 9. Adolescents and Young Adults 10. Adults 11. Older Adults 12. Death and Loss Part Four. Research, Education, and Professional Development 13. Research 14. Education 15. Professional Development and New Directions Afterword Homecoming (poem) Appendices Appendix A. Poetry Therapy Training Exercise for Practitioners Appendix B. Sample Poems for Use in Poetry Therapy Appendix C. Poetic Stems Appendix D. Poetry Therapy Narrative Report for Group Work: Guidelines Appendix E. Poetry Therapy Narrative Report for Group Work: Observer Form Appendix F. Poetry Therapy Narrative Report for Group Work: Leader Form Appendix G. Writing Exercise Appendix H. Poetry Therapy Workshop Guide Appendix I. Resources Appendix J. NAPT Code of Ethics References Index
For decades, poetry therapy has been formally recognized as a valuable form of treatment, and it has been proven effective worldwide with a diverse group of clients. The second edition of Poetry Therapy, written by a pioneer and leader in the field, updates the only integrated poetry therapy practice model with a host of contemporary issues, including the use of social media and slam/performance poetry. It's a truly invaluable resource for any serious practitioner, educator, or researcher interested in poetry therapy, bibliotherapy, writing, and healing, or the broader area of creative/expressive arts therapies.

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