English Grammar
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English Grammar

A University Course
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Angela Downing
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1.Basic Concepts 2. The Skeleton of the Message: Introduction to Clause Structure 3. The Development of the Message: Complementation of the Verb 4. Interaction between Speaker and Hearer: Linking Speech Acts and Grammar 5. Conceptualising Patterns of Experience: Processes,Participants, Circumstances 6. Organising the Message: Thematic and information structures of the clause 7. Combining Clauses into Sentences 8. Talking about Events: The verbal group 9. Viewpoints on Events: Tense, aspect and modality 10. Talking about People and Things: The nominal group 11. Describing Persons, Things and Circumstances: Adjectival and adverbial groups 12. Spatial, Temporal and other Relationships: The prepositional phrase
This best-selling comprehensive descriptive grammar forms a complete course, ideal for all students studying English Language, whether on a course or for self-study. Broadly based on Hallidayan systemic-functional grammar but also drawing on cognitive linguistics and discourse analysis, English Grammar is accessible, avoiding overly theoretical or technical explanations.Divided into 12 self-contained chapters based around language functions, each chapter is divided into units of class-length material. Key features include:Numerous authentic texts from a wide range of sources, both spoken and written, which exemplify the grammatical description.Clear chapter and module summaries enable efficient class preparation and student revision. Extensive exercises with a comprehensive answer key.This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new texts, a more user-friendly layout, more American English examples and a companion website, providing extra tasks, a glossary and a teachers' guide.This is the essential coursebook and reference work for all native and non-native students of English grammar on English language and linguistics courses.

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