Selling Rights
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Selling Rights

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Lynette Owen
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1. Rights: the historical and legal background 2. The publishing contract: who should control the rights? 3. An expanding range of possibilities 4. The rationale behind rights sales 5. Selling rights: who and how? 6. Tackling the task: essentials 7. Rights selling: a range of methods 8. Book fairs and sales trips: preparation, survival and follow-up 9. English-language territorial rights: coeditions and licences 10. Book club rights 11. Paperback rights 12. Low-price reprint rights 13. Other reprint rights 14. Serial rights and one-shot periodical rights 15. Digest and condensation rights 16. Translation rights: coeditions and licences 17. Anthology and quotation rights 18. Rights for the reading impaired 19. Single-voice readings 20. Audio recording and video recording rights 21. Dramatization and documentary rights: stage, radio, television and film rights 22. Merchandising rights 23. Collective licensing 24. The internet and publishing 25. Electronic publishing and multimedia rights 26. Supply of duplicate production material to licensees Appendix 1: Glossary of common terms used in rights Appendix 2: Territories often sought as exclusive by British publishers Appendix 3: Useful names and addresses
Selling Rights has firmly established itself as the leading guide to all aspects of rights sales and co-publications throughout the world. The seventh edition is substantially updated to illustrate the changes in rights in relation to new technologies and legal developments in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.This fully revised and updated edition includes:coverage of the full range of potential rights from English-language territorial rights through to serial rights, permissions, rights for the reading-impaired, translation rights, dramatization and documentary rights, electronic and multimedia rightsMore detailed coverage of Creative Commons and Open AccessThe aftermath of the Digital Economy Act 2010, the Hooper Report and new UK Statutory Instruments affecting copyrightUpdated coverage of book fairsThe implications of adding e-book rights to print licencesA separate chapter on collective licensing via Reproduction Rights OrganizationsThe impact of new electronic hardware (e-readers, tablets, mobile phones) - the distinction between sales and licencesthe rights implications of acquisitions, mergers and disposalsupdates on serial rights, including onlineNew appendices listing territories normally sought as exclusive by UK publishers and a glossary of rights specific terms.Selling Rights is an essential reference tool and an accessible and illuminating guide to current and future issues for rights professionals and students of publishing.

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