Adolescence, Affect and Health (PLE: Emotion)
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Adolescence, Affect and Health (PLE: Emotion)

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Donna Spruijt-Metz
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Preface. Introduction. Part 1: Building a Theoretical Background 1. Adolescent Health Education and Research: Defining Terms 2. Ethical Issues in Adolescent Health Education 3. Theories and Models used in Adolescent Health Research and Education Part 2: Descriptive Studies: Letting the Subjects Speak 4. Letting the Subjects Speak. Part I: Taking Inventory 5. Letting the Subjects Speak. Part II: The Focus Group Interviews Part 3: Quantitative Studies: Formulating Theory and Understanding Adolescent Health 6. Co-author Rob J. Spruijt Worries and Health in Adolescence 7. Everyday Health and Risk Behaviours 8. Personal Incentives as Determinants of Adolescent Health Behaviour: The Meaning of Behaviour Part 4: Applied Research: Changing Adolescent Health-Related Behaviour 9. Co-author Rob J. Spruijt Effectiveness of an Adolescent Health Education Programme based on the Theory of the Meaning of Behaviour. Concluding Remarks. References. Author Index. Subject Index.
Originally published in 1999, this title covers the entire empirical cycle in adolescent health research and education. It describes in depth the development and evaluation of a health education programme designed to enhance everyday health-related behaviours in an adolescent population, and offers comprehensive reviews of developmental theories of adolescence, ethical and theoretical issues in adolescent health education, and the major theories used in adolescent health research. The research presented here led to the development and testing of a new theory - the Theory of Salient Meanings of Behaviour - which departed from the cognitive theories that had thus far dominated adolescent health education and research, but which had often proved inadequate in describing and predicting adolescent health-related behaviour. The inception, growth, testing, and field testing of this new theory are traced here. The book is designed to appeal to both theoretical and applied scientists in the field of adolescent development, adolescent health and health education. A clear research methodology is set out for the complementary use of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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