Supporting Key Stage 2 and 3 Dyslexic Pupils, their Teachers and Support Staff
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Supporting Key Stage 2 and 3 Dyslexic Pupils, their Teachers and Support Staff

The Dragonfly Worksheets
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Sally Raymond
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Introduction; Meeting the needs of dyslexic pupils; Support throughout the curriculum; Processing weaknesses found within the dyslexic profile; Organisation of delivery; The Dragonfly Worksheets.
'I have found Sally Raymond's worksheets ideally suited for use with pupils in need of focussed literacy development materials. They find them varied and accessible with opportunities to include personal interests and topics. I use them to match specific learning needs to activities which introduce, explain, engage and assess individual targets and skills.'Julia Smith B.Ed. SpLD APC (Patoss) - dyslexia assessor and tutorThis A4 resource book provides all the materials required to follow structured programmes of learning support for dyslexic pupils. Created by Sally Raymond, an experienced teacher of dyslexic pupils, this resource provides a wide variety of adaptable worksheets with lots of teaching advice and supportive guidance.The worksheets:are fully adaptable to meet the needs of different pupilssupport Department of Education recommendations and Ofsted advice and guidanceencourage cross-curricula support and interventions to promote maximum access to a wide range of topicsuse varied, enjoyable, applications including games, quizzes and novel challenges designed to engage and stimulate thinking and learning develop the knowledge and skills of practitioners helping them identify and monitor progress and needs Also available by Sally Raymond:Extending Support for Key Stage 2 and 3 Dyslexic Pupils, their Teachers and Support Staff: The Dragonfly Games 978-1-13-877460-5Spelling Rules, Riddles and Remedies 978-0-415-71000-8

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