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Drama 3-5

A practical guide to teaching drama to children in the Early Years Foundation Stage
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Debbie Chalmers
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Would you like to offer constructive, creative and exciting new dramatic learning experiences to the children in your setting?The importance of using drama to promote active and creative learning in the early years is widely recognised, and this fully updated second edition of Drama 3-5 will guide and inspire practitioners in all settings, allowing them to lead drama with confidence and enthusiasm. Young children participating in well planned drama activities learn to express themselves clearly and develop strong social skills, more self-confidence and a greater understanding of co-operation and team-work.Drama 3-5 contains a wide range of accessible activities and sample session plans, drawn from the author's many years of extensive experience, which have all been fully and successfully tried and tested with children from 3-5 years. The book also explains the theory and value of all of the activities, as well as possible extensions and the ways in which they contribute to the learning objectives and goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage, allowing practitioners to encourage and assess children's progress. Key chapters include:Building confidenceEncouraging social interactionMime and expressionSpeech and languageCo-operation and teamworkPerformance skillsa This book offers the tools and understanding needed for confident dramatic play and learning, making it an ideal companion to support every practitioner who wants to explore, develop and enjoy drama and have fun with their children.

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