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The Soft Power of Construction Contracting Organisations

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Sai On Cheung
Spon Research
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Foreword Preface Section A: Soft Power as a Form of Competitive Advantage 1. Soft Power in Construction Contracting Section B: Collaborative Working in Competitive Environment 2. Exploring Organisational Culture - Performance relationship in Construction 3. Engendering Trust in Construction Contracting 4. Analysing Aggressive-Cooperation Drivers in Construction Contracting Section C: Becoming a Learning Organisation 5. The Concept of Organisational Learning in Construction and its Effect on Project Performance 6. Exploring the Traction between Intra-organisational and Inter-organisational Learning 7. To Learn or not to Learn from Project Monitoring Feedback - in Search of Explanations for the Contractor's Dichromatic Responses Section D: Minimising Non-productive Use of Scarce Resources 8. Behaviour Transition in Construction Contracting 9. Equity in Construction Contracting Negotiation I: A Study of Behaviour-Outcome relationship 10. Equity in Construction Contracting Negotiation II: A Study of Problem-Solving Approaches and Satisfaction
Across the AEC industry, the non-technical skills possessed by organisations are key to their overall performance. In this study, the particular importance of optimising the so-called "e;soft power"e; of organisations, is addressed. Things like organisational culture, responsible corporate behaviour, and building trust-based relationships with other stake-holders are seen as facets of a broader organisational capability, and the advantages of this strength are also explored.The internationally conducted research behind this book will provide readers with new insights into effective management, from both inter and intra organisational perspectives. This unique and important book is essential reading for researchers and advanced students of construction management.

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