Group Psychotherapy for Students and Teachers (RLE: Group Therapy)
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Group Psychotherapy for Students and Teachers (RLE: Group Therapy)

Selected Bibliography, 1946-1979
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Jerald Grobman
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Preface 1. Introduction and Overview 2. Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy 3. Group Cohesiveness 4. Selection and Referral of Patients 5. Preparation of Patients 6. Composition and Size of Therapy Groups 7. Group Dynamics 8. Developmental Stages in Therapy Groups 9. Therapeutic Models 10. Transference 11. Countertransference 12. Use of Dreams 13. Scapegoating 14. Alternate Sessions 15. Working Through 16. Termination 17. Fees 18. Medication 19. Specific Therapeutic Issues, Goals and Techniques 20. Combined Individual and Group Psychotherapy 21. Use of Recorders 22. Co-Therapy 23. Group Therapy with Patients in Specific Diagnostic Categories 24. Leaderless Groups 25. Couples Groups 26. Diagnostic Groups 27. Family Group Therapy 28. Time-Limited Groups 29. Crisis Groups 30. After Care Groups 31. Group Therapy in Community Psychiatry 32. Teaching and Learning Group Psychotherapy 33. Group Relations 34. Group Therapy in a Medical Setting (Including Psychosomatic Patients) 35. Groups with Doctors and Medical Students 36. Women's Groups 37. Assertiveness Training Groups 38. Groups for Holocaust Survivors 39. In-Patient Groups 40. Large Groups 41. Activities in Group Therapy 42. Therapeutic Milieu and the Group Process 43. Research and Outcome Studies 44. Group Psychotherapy with Children Author Index Subject Index
Originally published in 1981, this is a carefully selected bibliography of group psychotherapy for both students and teachers. The book is divided into three useful parts containing relevant journal articles and book chapters on a variety of topics. The first part includes topics that would be useful for a seminar in basic analytic group psychotherapy. Topics in the second part include group therapy with special patient populations, group therapy in special settings, special types of group therapy and research and outcome studies in group therapy. The third part covers group therapy with children. All the articles can be used to develop specialized and specific literature seminars or to elucidate issues that arise in the clinical supervision of group psychotherapy.

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