A Faculty Guide to Advising and Supervising Graduate Students
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A Faculty Guide to Advising and Supervising Graduate Students

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Darla J. Twale
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Preface.1. Retaining Graduate Students: The Critical Role of Faculty Advising. 2. Finding the Perfect Fit: Recruiting and Admitting Graduate Students. 3. Laying the Foundation: Forming Strong Faculty/Student Relationships. 4. Working Together: Faculty Advisor and Graduate Advisee. 5. Accounting for Differences: Advising Diverse Groups. 6. Supervising the Future: Assistantships, Clinicals, Internships, and Practicums. 7. Conquering the Academic Wild West: Advising Virtually Using Social Media. 8. Chaperoning the Dance: Chairing Thesis and Dissertation Research. 9. Preparing to Launch: Advising the Professional Rites of Passage. 10. Summarizing Best Practices. Index.
This practical guide provides college and university faculty with resources for supervising and advising graduate assistants, guiding doctoral students through the dissertation process, and preparing the next generation of scholars. Exploring common situations that faculty and their graduate students encounter, this book provides the theoretical foundation and best practices for faculty to improve their advising and supervising practices. Coverage Includes:Working with part-time, online, doctoral, and masters students Supervising assistantships, fellowships, internships, practicums, and residenciesChairing dissertations and theses Preparing students for conferences and presentations

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