Thinking Italian Translation
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Thinking Italian Translation

A course in translation method: Italian to English
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Introduction; 1 Preliminaries to translation as a process; 2 Preliminaries to translation as a product; 3 Cultural transposition; Compensation; 4 The formal properties of texts: Phonic/graphic and prosodic issues in translation; 5 The formal properties of texts: Grammatical and sentential issues in translation; 6 The formal properties of texts: Discourse and intertextual issues in translation; 7 Literal meaning and translation issues; Connotative meaning and translation issues; 8 Language variety: Translation issues in register, sociolect and dialect; 9 Textual genre and translation issues; 10 Scientific and technical translation; 11 Official, legal and business translation; 12 Translating consumer-oriented texts; 13 Revising and editing TTs; 14 Three specimen practicals; 15 Working as a translator; 16 Technical resources; 17 Professionalism and quality standards; 18 Summary and conclusion
Thinking Italian Translation is an indispensable course for students who want to develop their Italian to English translation skills.This new edition includes:up-to-date examples and new source texts from a variety of genres, from journalistic to technical. a brand new section on professionalism and the translation market The course is practical, addressing key issues for translators such as cultural differences, genre, and revision and editing. At the same time, it clearly defines translation theories.Thinking Italian Translation is key reading for advanced students wishing to perfect their language skills or considering a career in translation.a

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