Moving On After Trauma
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Moving On After Trauma

A Guide for Survivors, Family and Friends
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Michael J. Scott
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The effects of extreme trauma can continue to be emotionally devastating. Moving On After Trauma offers hope, providing survivors, family members and friends with a roadmap for managing emotional, relationship, physical and legal obstacles to recovery. Dr Scott details examples of the strategies used by twenty characters who have recovered and the survivor (with or without the help of a family member, friend or counsellor) is encouraged to identify with one or more of them and follow in their footsteps.
Preface - How to Use This Book. What's Happening to Me? Making Sense of My Reactions. Will I Get Better? What Works? Re-setting the Alarm. Better Ways of Dealing With the Traumatic Memory. Restoring Relationships. Managing Mood. Managing Pain and Sleep. Old Baggage, New Trauma. Managing Additional Disorders. Children and Adolescents. Justice. Getting Further Help. Guidance for Professionals Using This Book. Appendix A: Screening for PTSD. Appendix B: Diagnosing PTSD. Appendix C: DSM IV TR Criteria for PTSD, Depression and Panic Disorder.

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